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Over 30 Years Experience in Custom Water Feature Installation

Kayhays Designed Pond Filter

Crystal clear water like this, only comes by using a Kayhays Filter. Our filters are based on biological filtration.KayHays Designed Water Filter

The Kayhays Filter is our own design. Our new filters, designed and built by Kenthurst Fish & Filters, act just like a pool filter, (but with a different filtration media) so you will never get your hands dirty again. See some of our installations.

Our new filters work a treat, based on an ONGA filter case and Sta-Rite multipart valve and then with our major modification to agitate the media during back washing, you will keep your pond crystal clear for years to come. All filters need a UV for clarification and disinfection, and back wash on a weekly basis to either your sewer or straight to the garden. These filters run 24 hrs per day.

Fish Food & Fish Agistment

Fish stock and pond maintenanceWe sell a variety of Australian made fish foods, including pellets, sticks and flakes. Read more about Fish Food and our prices.

Specialising in temporary and long term agistment of fish. We will maximise the health of your fish stock and minimise the strain of transport and acclimatisation. Read more about fish agistment.


Designer & Distributor of
Kayhays Filter & Kenthurst Filters

Water Feature Installations

Have a look at our case study describing a custom fountain and housing design solution, including pump, fittings and equipment installation.

Water Feature

We have been building water features, complete with stone surrounds and full landscaping for over 25 years.

Water Feature

Ninety percent of our ponds are constructed in reinforced concrete. The same way a swimming pool is built, so every pond we create is totally waterproof. See more Water Features we have installed

.Cutom Filtration Installation

We are landscapers with a flair for stone work. Combined with our specialist knowledge of water features and our custom designed filtration systems, we truly are your one stop shop for water feature installations.

Fountains & Waterscapes

We can build and landscape your perfect water fountain and source all the materials required to create individual fountains that reflect your desires. Different water art styles can also be created with control valve adjustments that change an individual nozzle's water pressure and flow rate, giving greater height and scope variation. Find out more about fountains.